Last Stop Before the Sphincter

Last Stop Before the Sphincter

By Jeff Gorman

  • Release Date: 2017-06-01
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 5
From 13 Ratings
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Jeff Gorman, an internationally known, award-winning advertising writer, creative director and TV commercial director has written a first person, profane, hilarious book of tell-all stories that are often so preposterous that if they were scenes from a movie you'd say they couldn't possibly be true. Last Stop Before the Sphincter gives the reader a realistic, inside look at the ad biz covering the period when Don Draper and Mad Men left off to the present that will have you laughing at the absurdity of what goes on in Corporate America. It also features the celebrities Gorman filmed from Michael Jordan to Jerry Seinfeld, George Burns to Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Cuban to Jeff Bezos. The world of advertising not only touches on all of our lives but reflects it. More and more, advertising is an inescapable reality where everything is sponsored. Last Stop Before the Sphincter exposes the people behind the ads—the good, the bad and the ugly—and makes you think about the psychology of those who are the drivers of American consumerism.


  • Freelance writer

    By Mommoooti
    I'm happy to see that Jeff Gorman, the smart, funny, bitter and crotchety director, has used those same traits to write a very entertaining book.
  • Co-Founder Crispin, Porter+Bogusky

    By Alex Bogusky
    I don’t know when the golden age of advertising was but it isn’t now. For sure, Jeff Gorman was there for all the good stuff and Last Stop Before the Sphincter places him at the epicenter. I know people in the box now seem to lament the guts we used to have and I can’t think of anybody gutsier than Gorman as these stories clearly and hysterically make clear. Reading this book is like sitting at a shoot or a pre-pro with Jeff on the many occasions we shot together and re-hearing all the stories. Incredible! Reading the chapter titled “Alex and the Truth” I’m not shitting you that tears welled up when I read the things Gorman said about me. And yeah, some of those tears were from laughing out loud. Thanks, amigo, for this book and for all the help you’ve given me (and countless others) along the way.
  • Hurts so good

    By Sphincterphile
    “Looking for pollyanna tales of the glamorous life in advertising? Look elsewhere. This is not for the faint hearted. Or for those of you who can’t handle the truth. This is a book about being in the trenches. Of resisting the urge to clobber stupid clients and corn hole even stupider colleagues. You want strategy, you want business acumen, you want the secret formula to successful advertising? Than you want something else. Jeff Gorman has seen everything. And done everything. And at over 800 pages in length, he hasn’t left out a single juicy detail. First there was Mad Men. Last Stop Before the Sphincter is about Madder Men.” -Rich Siegel 44-year-old Copywriter, Humorist, Author
  • How Jeff Gorman remembered anything is a tribute to his memory and/or creativity

    By GaryJohns
    I have known Jeff Gorman since the mid-1970’s. We have been friends, accomplices in crime, occasional antagonists, business partners, and, most notably, accomplished kvetchers. I was hoping that Jeff’s tome, "Last Stop Before the Sphincter" would be an unreadable compendium of self-serving and humorless anecdotal fabrications. Not because I wished Jeff any ill-will, mind you, but because I was thinking of myself; I really wanted to use a quote attributed to Dorothy Parker in her review of Ayn Rand’s "The Fountainhead:" “It is not a book to be lightly thrown aside. It should be thrown with great force.” (Incidentally, Ayn Rand’s "The Fountainhead", 753 pages; Jeff Gorman’s "Last Stop Before the Sphincter," 803 pages.) Unfortunately, I will be unable to use Parker’s quote when commenting on Jeff Gorman’s illustrious and blithe look at the hell he willingly created for himself. Jeff recalls, in vivid detail, his career in the advertising and commercial film production business in a series of amusing and wryly written chapters. From his glory days at Chiat-Day to his award winning career at Johns+Gorman Films and JGF, Jeff lays out an uncompromising look at what it was like to be an advertising deity (despite relying upon an addled brain and a distorted sense of reality.) How he remembered anything is a tribute to his memory and/or creativity. That said, “Sphincter" is a must read. -Gary Johns, former art director Chiat/Day; partner, Johns+Gorman Films; current gadabout and occasional artist.
  • Last Stop Before the Sphincter

    By Ggdog
    Book is awesome. Check it out!!!!
  • Former Art Director, Chiat/Day and Fallon McElligott

    By Houman Pirdavari
    "At 21, I found myself a wide-eyed apprentice among Titans on advertising’s Mount Olympus, where the venerable Lee Clow took me under his wing. He taught me about professionalism, to live my work and make it great. And then along came Jeff. I had worshipped his work since high school, and considered his La Machine "30 Second Salad" spot nothing short of a miracle. He became my Prometheus, awakening my ego to self-confidence, entitlement and world-class worldliness. Jeff's swagger always belied his genius, he made it seem so effortless and always had the shine of someone who was going places. This book is an engaging, always entertaining train ride to so many of them. Of real life bacchanalian junkets and cautionary tales in the pursuit of ad-crafting of the very highest order. I savored this book and loved seeing work I’d never seen before. A page turner."
  • Last Stop Before Sphincter

    By Schermarad
    “Anyone that wants to understand where and how ‘funny’ worked in the ad business needs to read this book. Jeff Gorman has reached deep into the recesses of his mind and shared with us a real life in advertising. Last Stop Before the Sphincter is filled with the kinds of crazy war stories all of us have experienced. But Jeff’s take-no-prisoners telling with his patented dark, deadpan humor will leave you dissolving with laughter. It’s a must read for every ad biz newbie and veteran alike.”
  • A must read if you love advertising lore

    By Daren Stevens
    “This is one of the most joyful reads I’ve had in a long time. Many, many laugh-out-louds and many, “he didn’t just write that about them, did he?” Jeff Gorman’s account of advertising in Last Stop Before the Sphincter is an important read for those interested in advertising and a good old American journey—taking us from Kansas City to Chicago, New York’s Studio 54 era to LA in 1984 with the Olympics and Apple’s game changing big bang. Like Bewitched, Thirty Something and Mad Men, Gorman’s story is a modern period piece capturing culture using advertising as a backdrop; unlike all three, you get the real story of the creative existence, with the impeccable humor and R-rated writing that one could expect from this comedic icon. If you are interested in a sneak-peek behind the curtain into the sausage factory revealing the making of some of your favorite ads and their cultural significance, it’s a unique take on the ad business spanning several decades. If you are in the ad industry, Jeff’s account captures his incredible career through some of the most memorable campaigns in some of the most interesting times in advertising. What makes this read so unique is that these vignettes recount his many influential projects and the array of characters that advertising brings together—he names names and does not hold back one detail about the lunacy and lore of the business during some special times. If I was near Jeff at any time, the first thing I would do is scan this tome to see where I fit in, and if I were teaching an advertising course, this would be required reading. Thanks for giving me a whole lot of laughs and documenting a slice of history!” Matt Miller AICP President and CEO
  • Former President and CD, Fallon Worldwide

    By Bill Westbrook
    “Jeff Gorman is funny. Sarcastic. Fearless. And, tirelessly, caustically, cynically observant. Especially about himself. You can smell the bridges burning as you read."
  • Anybody who wants or has a career in advertising should read this book.

    By 35Dude
    "I wish I had a book like this to read when I was starting off in the business. Last Stop Before the Sphincter, Jeff Gorman’s collection of stories from his career, tells you everything you ever need to know about the ad and production business. Not only is his memory for people, places and events scary the stories and the writing are laugh out loud funny. Anybody who wants or has a career in advertising should read this book." Joe Sciarrotta, Co-Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather USA