Michael Vey 7

Michael Vey 7

By Richard Paul Evans

  • Release Date: 2017-09-12
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 127 Ratings
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Michael Vey is missing and it’s up to the Electroclan to find him in this electrifying seventh installment of the New York Times bestselling series!

The final book in the Michael Vey series opens with the Electroclan facing a devastating loss: Michael is missing. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and now he’s gone. What is next for them and the revolution?

The battle on the island of Hades ended with a devastating explosion that left the island a smoking ruin and much of Hatch’s army dead. However, Hatch survived and while his plans have certainly suffered a setback, he’s more determined than ever to bring the world’s governments under his control. But first, he wants to wipe out the Resistance and capture the remaining members of the Electroclan.

As Hatch’s forces storm into action, it seems nothing can stand in their way. The Electroclan is divided. The voice is captured, and Michael’s mother is being used as bait to lure the leader of the Resistance out of hiding. Can anything—or anyone—stop the Elgen? Or is this the end?


  • Honest review

    By Link0669
    I haven't seen any reviews that actually help people, so here is my real review of this book. Let me warn you, this will contain spoilers, if you don't want the entire book ruined for you, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT read this review. Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the review. After reading this book, I felt... disappointed. It never really delivers the big satisfying ending that everyone wanted. The problems with it I have are that it feels very rushed, like they wanted to get this book out as soon as possible and cash in on the hype for the next book. The ending is probably the most disappointing ending to a book I have ever read, and the rest of the book is underwhelming too. The entire story of this book is just... boring. They just go around places and do stuff, and there are absolutely no action scenes in the entirety of the book. Let me go through the entire story and say how they could have made this book a really interesting conclusion to the series. 1. They could have had the Electroclan and the natives stay together and gather troops, that way you wouldn't have to be jumping between two story lines. 2. They could have made Hatch not sent all of his troops to Hades, because honestly, who would send their entire army to one place and leave the rest of your facilities vulnerable? Then the natives (that are now joined up with the Electroclan because of the last fix) would now have a force against them and have some action where they actually use their powers. 3. They didn't need to put that whole Fiji segment in. It doesn't do anything for the story except take up space in the book. 4. They could have had Hatch and his researchers actually figure out the machine and be able to electrify humans, but it would be at the very end of course, so then in a last ditch effort, Hatch would electrify himself and he and his "Glows" would have an amazing final battle against the Electroclan. So in conclusion, this was a mediocre ending to an overall great series. That's why I give this book, a 3/5.
  • Amazing

    By MrYass23
    To great to put into words. But I can say this the perfect ending the the perfect series. Also, Richard Paul Evans could we have like an extension book. Of them in the future, that would be great.
  • What a great ending!

    By Bubbamac119
    Mr. Evens, if you ever read this I want to say thank you so much for this series. With 2,000 plus pages in total, it was more then well worth my time. You made this series so easy to fall in love with. The way you were able to pull me into the series was impressive. Within the first few chapters of Prisoner of Cell 25, I couldn't put the book down, and the same goes for all six of the others. From prologue to epilogue, every part of this series has been a wonderful journey. You didn't just write words on paper, you wrote a book, a series, and this story will be one that will live forever in my heart. I laughed, I cried, I was moved by these books. The most important aspect of these books was the meaning of the story, and for anyone who wishes to know the meaning, well, I guess you should start with the lone high school kid from Meridian, Idaho named Michael Vey. Once again thank you, Richard Paul Evens!

    By Percy Vey
    It was absolutely amazing and I'm so sad to see the series go I hope they do make some about kids that'd be sweet
  • Loved it

    By Timberflare
    The end was amazing and made me cry but the middle was a little boring...
  • Lousy Ending

    By Chris ChrisCHRIS1
    The first four books in this series were amazing, but after that it feels like everything just went downhill, especially with this book. Everything just felt kind of forced, and he spent the entire length of the book building up to the last ten or so pages. I didn't hate it, but it could have been much better.
  • It was good

    By Pet123456789045280733963887
    I thought it was really good but I with that the end didn't end so quickly. It only took like 3 chapters

    By !Kums!
    This story ended perfectly... but I still wish for another book. This was definitely the best book series I've read (In my lifetime...)
  • Horrible way to end

    By TheBuyer22
    Seems rushed
  • Hate this

    By 哟妈妈
    I pre-ordered the book with the last of my money, and just before I downloaded it, it says i dont have any "credits" to get the book. I HAVE NO REFUND, AND NO BOOK. I hate this