Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition

Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition

By Erin Nicholas

  • Release Date: 2016-10-10
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 7 Ratings
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Chris Evans, aka Captain America to his co-workers, knows what he wants: to lead the best EMT crew around, save lives…and have everything done his way. He’s learned firsthand what can happen when he’s not hyper vigilant, so running the show has become his superpower.
If only he could manage Brittney McNemara quite so well. She’s the best EMT he knows—and the most exasperating woman on the planet. Where Chris is serious, Britt is scattered. Where Chris is cautious, Britt is carefree. Where Chris is by-the-book, Britt is rebellious. Despite their intense attraction, they’d never work as a couple.

Or could they?

When Britt gets hurt on the job and temporarily loses use of her thumb, she needs someone to be her left-hand man. Chris, ever the hero, volunteers. Little does he know that Britt’s passion for fun masks a need to care for others that rivals his own. And that now the woman who’s been driving him crazy at work is about to drive him even crazier—in her kitchen, in her bedroom, and on a paint ball field.

Forget the Friend Zone. Chris is about to enter the Fun Zone. Because sometimes even a superhero can’t help but fall in love.


Welcome to the Finding Chris Evans Mini-Series!

In a small town in northern Minnesota, Ellie Mittelstadt goes to a psychic where she receives this prediction: if she finds a man named Chris Evans, true love will follow...

Only one problem: Even in the tiny town of Haralson, Minnesota, there are six Chris Evanses! SIX!

An EMT with emergency-level sex appeal...
A reality TV star about to get the surprise of his life...
A firefighter who's smokin' hot...
A bad-boy royal on the run...
A smoldering rock star ready to drop the mic... 
A doctor with a heart of gold...

What follows are six delightfully romantic tales that start with Ellie meeting each new Chris Evans. But while she doesn't find true love (yet!), her meeting sets off a chain of events that leads the Chris Evans in each story to fall in love with a heroine all his own. Then finally, in the sixth tale, Ellie's psychic prediction comes true in a charmingly perfect and heartwarming way. Because true love never fails! 

Now's your chance to fall in love with Chris Evans, too--six different times! Featuring NYT and USA Bestselling authors Erin Nicholas, Jennifer Bernard and Erin McCarthy, and award-winning authors Lizzie Shane, Elizabeth Bemis and Jennifer Chance.


  • Meet Chris Evans!

    By AmyHiggs
    This book was so fun! After reading the prequel, I couldn't wait to follow Ellie on her journey to find Chris Evans. She finds out right away that EMT Chris Evans is not who she is meant to be with because he has feelings for someone else. Chris has had feelings for Britt for some time but he is her boss and that's a problem. After Britt hurts herself on the job everything changes and feelings can't be denied anymore! They had amazing chemistry together! You can always expect sexy, fun reads from Erin Nicholas and this book is no exception! I can't wait to see which Chris Evans Ellie meets next!
  • You had me at Chris Evans!

    By kmmichels
    I'm hooked! Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition was fabulous! Erin Nicholas has produced yet another book that will be on my re-read shelf. A quick, sweet, fun, sexy novella. Britt was absolutely the right match for Chris Evans #1. And now - I'm itching to read the next one! Good think they are being released only days apart!
  • A fun, sexy read!!!

    By sferguson105
    Finding Chris Evans is a sexy, fun quick read. The banter between Chris and Britt is awesome, and I love how Britt brings out the fun side in Chris, who's usually wound tight. Chris has sort of the broody sexy hero attitude going, but only when it comes to a certain heroine. Britt is overall a fun loving heroine, who I can definitely picture being besties with (and not just because of her moms business). I was drawn in from the start by Ellie meeting Chris Evans #1, and was kept drawn in, wanting to know how one little sentence she said to Chris would play out. Erin Nicholas did a fantastic job with this first couple from this series, and I can't wait to see what the other authors bring to the table. This is definitely a must read!!
  • Awesome

    By bh313@hotmail
    I love the premises of this series and I can't wait to meet each and every Chris this small town has to offer! While you don't have to read the prequel to enjoy this story, I recommend you do so you understand the overall premise of the series. On her quest to meet her one true love, Ellie Mittelstadt sets up her date with the first Chris Evans. He is a paramedic in their small town. It doesn't take long for Ellie to realize this probably isn't her Chris Evans. So her search will continue but for this Chris, Ellie is sure he just needs to open his eyes and realize he's already found the woman he loves. Britt McNemera is one of the paramedics that works on Chris' team. He claims she drives him crazy. She doesn't always follow the rules and doesn't use as much caution as Chris feels she should. When she rushes into a volatile situation and comes out with a minor injury Chris volunteers to be her helper while she's on shift. Spending some extra time with her shows Chris that all the things about her that drive him crazy he actually really kind of likes....a lot!! This is definitely a recommended read from me.
  • Love this idea of this series!

    By JenDicenzo
    I loved this book!! It is everything I have come to expect from an Erin Nicholas book. It was fun and sexy! I love the plot lines to this series of books by different authors. This particular book involves EMT Chris Evans, Captain America as his coworkers call him, and his female coworker, Britt. Chris is attracted to Britt but at the same time she often drives him crazy. When she is injured on a call, he steps in to help her. While helping her Chris starts to realize that they may have more in common than he thought. Does Britt share his feelings? You'll need to read the book to find out.

    By Crystal Singer
    Finding Chris Evans was such a fun, sexy, quick read that really reminded me why I love Erin Nicholas books. Everything about it was her style right down to the sexy EMT's. Ellie is on the hunt to find a man, who lives in town, named Chris Evans. Who knew there were 6 of them!? Her search starts with the first Chris, an EMT who wants to forget about his attraction to his coworker. Ellie is cute, looking for him (possibly) and here. Why not ask her out? A bar brawl takes Chris' attention off Ellie and on to feisty co-worker Brittany. It doesn't take Ellie but a glance to realize that this Chris Evans isn't the man she's looking for, because clearly, he's already in love. He just may not know it yet. I absolutely love the chemistry between Chris and Brittany. They were perfect for each other! She was the wild and crazy to his calm and orderly. Those kind of couples really do it for me. She brought out a side of him that made him a better man and he helped remind her that her family was so special for the way they lived their lives. Watching them come together was like watching a fireworks show! Fun, feisty, super sexy, quick read. My only complaint was that it was over too fast! I could have keep reading forever! Happy reading!!!!!
  • Sexy, quirky and laugh-out-loud!!!

    By Cheryl SDS
    4.5 Stars This is a quick, sexy, fun story about the first of the six Chris Evans'. Ellie is on the hunt for HER Chris Evans and she starts with the EMT. Shortly after meeting him, she quickly realizes he's not the ONE because his heart is already occupied by a pretty little brunette EMT and he doesn't even realize it until she mentions it to him. The pretty little brunette is Britt and things start off with her hurting her thumb on a call and he offers to help her bake her mother a birthday cake. I know you've got a good enough imagination to take it from there. *Remember that with all novellas, because of the shorter page count, everything happens quickly! I love the sexy, quirky, laugh-out-loud moments I get while reading a book written by this author. It's a brilliant story line and I can't wait to read more.