Technical Description of the Infrared Laser used on the World Trade Center 9/11

Technical Description of the Infrared Laser used on the World Trade Center 9/11

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2016-01-24
  • Genre: Engineering
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Revision 2A: This short technical paper presents the basic technical description of an Infrared Laser that was used on the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001. The Laser sits in geosyncronous orbit at 22,000 miles altitude. It is a large satellite and operates in the infrared frequency spectrum, below visible light. It can be operated in pulse mode or direct mode. In pulse mode, it uses harmonics of the Lighthouse Frequency to obtain a molecular time-field that impinges on everything in its path. This energy field rapidly advances all molecules forward in time, possibly more than 1000 years for each second, in our terms. It can be called "rapid aging." In direct mode, the laser probably operates at approximately 256*1.1 THz = 282 THz, which is a strong harmonic in the infrared spectrum. Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks, off and on, at 1.1 trillion cycles per second. This revision includes aerial photos of the World Trade Center on the afternoon of 9-11. This new type of Infra-Red Laser is as different from conventional lasers, as a nuclear bomb is different from a conventional bomb. It is far more powerful. It was able to reduce the World Trade Center into fine dust, in less than 8 seconds. That's one million tons of concrete and steel, rapidly aged into dust in 8 seconds. Reference & & "Satellite Terrorism in America" by Dr John Hall.